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Player Profiles


Souths GFC is full of characters, here is a brief introduction to some of our finest.


Name: Adam Kuss 

AKA: Kussy

Position: Any spot on the field.

County: Born in Australia, but you can put Co. Down.

Irish Club: If I played in Ireland it would be Clann na Banna..

Most people wouldn't know: That I played a first class cricket match in the UK.

Best thing about Souths: The Camaraderie.


Name: Andy Sloane

AKA: Some people call me ‘’The Ripper’’ because I’m famous for ripping opposing teams apart.

Position: Corner/ Wing Back

County: Cavan

Irish Club: Sherlock

Favourite Player: Colm Cooper. Naturally skilled and likes his drink, he would fit right in with Souths GFC.

Most people wouldn't know: I used to be an ace full forward, lethal with both feet from anywhere inside the 45 yard line before I slowly moved positions down the pitch into my current corner back slot.

Best thing about Souths: The craic and the banter is always good and there is never a shortage of sessions either. A Sunday in Willawong is like a home away from home. The pre-season training camp in Melbourne is also worth a mention!!!

Name: Bob O Leary

AKA: Hedge

Position: Goalkeeper

County: Wexford

Irish Club: St Brigids Blackwater

Favourite Player: Paul and Rochey, keep it in the family.

Best thing about Souths: The craic and the banter.

Cillian Fitzpatrick

Name: Cillian Fitzpatrick

AKA: Killer / Cill / Fitzy

Position: Midfield/ Forward

County: Cork (Best County)

Irish Club: Clonakilty

Favourite Player: Aidan Walsh

Most people wouldn't know: That I am fluent in Irish & still in secondary school.

Best thing about Souths: The Craic and all the lads are sound and very welcoming.

Name: Chris Canavan

AKA: Git

Position: Midfield

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Clana Gael Fontoney 

Favourite Player: Charlie Redmond

Most people wouldn't know:  I was afraid of the dark when I was a younger.

Best thing about Souths: The friends you make, Friends for life.


Name: Claire Peters

Position: Midfield

County: Tipp, Tipp, Tipp

Irish Club: Cahir Ladies and Ballyboden for a stint (yes I played for a Dublin club)

Favourite Player: Declan Browne

Most people wouldn't know: That I played rugby for Leinster.

Best thing about Souths: Easy question; the people, great club and most definatly a family away from home.

Name: Colin Farrelly

AKA: Farrelly (CJ)

Position: Full Forward 14

County: Leitrim

Irish Club: Aughavas

Favourite Player: Peter Canavan / Colm Cooper

Most people wouldn't know: I'm quick and I’m fast.

Best thing about Souths: We are Family, got all my sisters with me.....


Name: Daniel McAteer

AKA: Danny

Position: Forward

County: Fermanagh

Irish Club: Erne Gaels

Favourite Player: Aidan O'Shea

Most people wouldn't know:  I’d like to keep it that way.

Best thing about Souths: The social scene!!

Name: David Farrell

AKA: Farlo...

Position: Utility

County: Longford

Irish Club: Ardagh

Favourite Player: Sean Cavanagh

Most people wouldn't know: I like drinking buckfast down an alleyway or in the park, out of a brown paper bag. 

Best thing about Souths: Me when I score the winning goal in the final from 21 yards out with the last kick of the ball.... And also the intelligent conversations had at the many Souths shindigs!!!


Name: Derek Creighton

AKA: Del

Position: Usually the wrong one.

County: Roscommon

Irish Club: Castlerea St Kevins

Favourite Player: "The Cake" Curran

Most people wouldn't know: That I once defeated the great Brian Stafford in a game of Roshambo!

Best thing about Souths: The tae and biscuits.


Name: Denae Laity

AKA: Deni

Position: Backs

County: Queensland, Australia.

Best thing about Souths: The people, sense of community and the training is good,


Name: Derek Cullen

AKA: Del Boy

Position: Full Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Templeogue Synge Street

Favourite Player: Kieran Duff

Most people wouldn't know: I like to ‘’alright brother’’ a lot.


Name: Domhnall McKeogh

AKA: Flutey

Position: Full Back

County: Tipperary

Irish Club: Ballina

Favourite Player: Seamus Moynihan / Declan Browne

Most people wouldn't know: I always like to be on time.

Best thing about Souths: Friends made for life. The way the club reaches out to help its members and members of the community.


Name: Emma Fitzgerald 

AKA: Fitzy (No.1 according to Mark Larkin so he can distinguish me from Fitzy No.2; Katie!)

Position: Full Back

County: Limerick

Irish Club: None - never played football before.

Favourite Player: Katie Fitz coz she's awesome (takes after her awesome 'slightly' older sister!)

Most people wouldn't know: I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania & Torres del Paine in Chile.

Best thing about Souths: The most welcoming, fun, dedicated club I've ever been involved with (although I've not played with a football club, I've played with 8 camogie clubs in 3 different countries (another fun fact about me!)).


Name: Gerard McGrath

AKA: Gerry

Position: Half Back/ Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Garristown

Favourite Player: Dermot Connolly

Most people wouldn't know:  I love Cartoons and I have a Disney movie collection at home.

Best thing about Souths: The Craic on the sessions.


Name: Greg Hynes

AKA: Beans, Ryan Gosling

Position: Half Back

County: Roscommon

Irish Club: St Croans

Favourite Player: David ‘Psycho' Farrell

Most people wouldn't know:  I volunteer at the local orphanage every Wednesday.

Best thing about Souths: Its a family.


Name: Helen Frewen

AKA: Frew Frew 

Position: Half Back 

County: Tipperary

Irish Club: Fethard

Favourite Player: John Leahy 

Most people wouldn't know:  People don’t know what I do as a Radiation Therapist 

Best thing about Souths: Before I joined one of the girls said to me ‘’we may not be the best team but we’re the fun team!" and she wasn’t wrong there!!


Name: James Moran

AKA: Big Handsome Jim

Position: Stool at the Bar.

County: Mayo, but wishes it was Roscommon.

Irish Club: Aghamore

Favourite Player: Willie Joe Padden

Most people wouldn't know:  How do I know what people know?!

Best thing about Souths: It's family.


Name: Joe Moloney

AKA: Joey

Position: Anywhere

County: Kerry

Favourite Player: Shoebox & Suitcase, Pa Guiney - Up Kerry!

Most people wouldn't know:  I like feeding the penguins in the park at the weekend.

Best thing about Souths: The Craic.


Name: Katie Fitzgerald 

AKA: Fitzy 

Position: Half Back 

County: Limerick 

Irish Club: Granagh/Ballingarry

Favourite Player: Graine Heduan, Sinead McWeeney & Phillip "Dowdy" Ward.

Most people wouldn't know:  I speak French!

Best thing about Souths: All the great people you meet and friends you make... And the craic ain't too bad either!


Name: Kieran Buckley

AKA: Suitcase

Position: Full Forward

County: Kerry

Irish Club: Listry

Favourite Player: Maurice Fitzgerald

Most people wouldn't know:  Me and Shoebox won a community games medal for Kerry in Mosney for Interpretive Dance.

Best thing about Souths: The Craic with the lads.


Name: Killian McGrath

AKA: Killo

Position: Full / Half Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Garristown

Favourite Player: My brother Gerry

Best thing about Souths: The Craic


Name: Lisa Fitzharris

AKA: Fitzy

Position: Forward

County: Carlow/Wicklow

Irish Club: Coolkenno U14's

Favourite Player: Jason Sherlock

Most people wouldn't know:  I passionately hate running.

Best thing about Souths: The craic.


Name: Louise Nolan 

AKA: Lou 

Position: Centre Half Back 

Most people wouldn't know:  I can dance! 

Best thing about Souths: The people


Name: Michael Fogarty

AKA: Clean Micky

Position: Missionary

County: Laois

Irish Club: Portlaoise

Favourite Player: Stevie McHugh

Most people wouldn't know:  I starred on 'School Around the Corner' when I was younger and better looking.

Best thing about Souths: They are fierce sound


Name: Michelle Bates

AKA: Betsey

Position: Whatever is going!

County: Donegal

Favourite Player: Michael Murphy

Most people wouldn't know:  I love red sauce!

Best thing about Souths: The craic and lovely girls.


Name: Myles Campbell

AKA: Ron from Harry Portter, Miles Away, Milo, Red Nut, Ginga Ninja.

Position: Corner Back

County: Pure Australian Beef.

Favourite Player: Colm Copper and my brother-in-law Davey 'Psycho' Farrell.

Most people wouldn't know:  Never played Gaelic before but I’ve got mad skillz! 

Best thing about Souths: Friendly Folk, lots of laughs and beer.


Name: Noel Corr

AKA: Noely

Position: Corner Back

County: Donegal

Irish Club: Bundoran

Favourite Player: Matt Gallagher

Best thing about Souths: Everything, The Craic, The Club.


Name: Paddy Guiney

AKA: Paddy

Position: Backs

County: Kerry

Irish Club: Listowel Emmets

Favourite Player: Seamus Moynihan

Most people wouldn't know:  I can hold a conversation without using expletives, in contrast to my match day language.

Best thing about Souths: The Camaraderie, fun and the opportunity given to a man approaching middle age to play a game he loves every season.


Name: Paul O'Leary

AKA: Big Sow

Position: Midfield

County: Wexford

Irish Club: Blackwater

Favourite Player: Daragh O'Shea 

Most people wouldn't know:  Now wear contacts when playing sport.

Best thing about Souths: Git.


Name: Phil Ward 

AKA: Dowdy / Philly

Position: Midfield 

County: Meath but a wannabe Rossie!

Irish Club: Gaeil Colmcille

Favourite Player: Greg Hynes (majestic, underrated and a phenomenal ref). 

Most people wouldn't know:  I'm obsessed with Seagulls, and shouting "seagull, seagull" whenever I see them. 

Best thing about Souths: A great family of people, who love having the craic!


Name: Roisin Brouder

AKA: RoRo, BoomBoom

Position: You will see me loitering around Corner Forward or on the Wing.

County:  Co Limerick

Irish Club: Murroe-Boher - Hon the Parish.

Favourite Player: Jackie Chan, Greatest Hurler of all time. No seriously Ciaran Carey, and favorite Brisbane player Biddy O Brien “The Blocker”.

Most people wouldn't know:  I have and All-Ireland Minor Camogie Medal for Limerick.

Best thing about Souths: It’s a family away from home; a great Community and the one thing that keeps me in Australia & loving Brisbane......And Ronan......Ronan’s great!!


Name: Eileen Conroy 

Position: Corner back 

County: Laois

Irish Club: Clonaslee St Manmans 

Best thing about Souths: You are made feel welcome from Day 1. All of the girls are really friendly and always up for a bit of craic!


Name: Emma Hurley

AKA: 'Barry', 'Hurley', 'Hurlster', 'Emster'..there's a few.

Position: Corner Cack 

County: Meath/Cork....I cant decide which one!

Irish Club: Souths baby

Favourite Player: Denis Hurley, Munster rugby player of course!

Most people wouldn't know:  I'm really a Yank.

Best thing about Souths: Couldn't ask for a nicer and friendlier group of  people and always great fun training and playing with them. A pleasure to be part of such a supportive team!


Name: Fionan Henry

AKA: The Elf, Ross O'Carroll Kelly

Position: Wherever I'm put.

County: Dublin

Irish Club: St Marys College RFC

Favourite Player: The Panther

Most people wouldn't know:  I’ve been on page 1 and page 3 of the Courier Mail... in the same issue!!


Name: Gráinne Horan

AKA: Grá / Red

Position: In the forwards

County: Tipperary

Irish Club: Shannon Rovers (absolutely no ladies football!!)

Favourite Player: The Gooch!!!

Most people wouldn't know:  I made gearboxes!

Best thing about Souths: A fantastic bunch of girls who make the sport so enjoyable.


Name: Greg Rooney

AKA: Damo

Position: Corner Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Ballyboughal

Favourite Player: Colin Farrelly

Most people wouldn't know:  My real name.

Best thing about Souths: Colin Farrelly


Name: Jacinta Rock

AKA: Cinta

Position: Half Back/Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Garristown & Ballymun Kickhams G.A.C

Favourite Player: Dean Rock & Rory O’Carroll

Most people wouldn't know:  I have won multiple All-Ireland Dancing Championships.

Best thing about Souths: Great bunch of girls, very welcoming and a great way to meet new people.


Name: Joe Crowley

AKA: Joe

Position: Half Forward     

County: Cork

Favourite Player: Colin Corkery. He has a big arse like me!!

Most people wouldn't know:  I used to be fast.

Best thing about Souths: The lads.


Name: Julie Morgan

AKA: Too rude to mention

Position: Half Forward / Full Forward

County: Louth

Irish Club: St Patricks GFC

Favourite Player: Paddy Keenan - St Pats

Most people wouldn't know:  I'm a violinist and used to travel the world with an orchestra.

Best thing about Souths: The lovely girls and the craic we have.


Name: Kevin Cooney


Position: Full Back

County: Sligo

Irish Club: Coolera Strandhill

Favourite Player: George Best

Most people wouldn't know:  I invented the curtains.

Best thing about Souths: Black and White


Name: Kieran Roche

AKA: Rochey

Position: Everywhere

County: Wexford

Irish Club: Blackwater

Favourite Player: Hedge, Liam Dunne

Best thing about Souths: The training.


Name: Liam Nolan

AKA: Liamo

Position: Centre Back

County: Queensland Australia

Favourite Player: James Moran

Most people wouldn't know:  I think I look more attractive with my eyes closed during photos.

Best thing about Souths: The lads.


Name: Loretta Murphy

AKA: Murp, Murphy.

Position: Midfield

County: Kilkenny

Irish Club: Black and Whites

Favourite Player: Colm Cooper 

Most people wouldn't know:  I won a handball All-Ireland when I was under-17.

Best thing about Souths: Very welcoming to all new players and a good social scene.

Melissa O'Shaughnessy

Name: Melissa O'Shaughnessy

AKA: Torture Princess

Position: Multi talented, play in all positions previously wing forward or wing back. 

County: Clare - Go on the Banner.

Irish Club: Michael Cusacks

Favourite Player: Dave Fitzy - the legend.

Most people wouldn't know:  Mmmmmm, played the accordian, have yellow belt in Karate, used to do kickboxing and have loads of medals for Irish dancing.

Best thing about Souths: The craic is 99! Family away from home.


Name: Michael Siviter

AKA: SIV, Mick

Position: Goalkepper

County: New Zealand / Queensland

Most people wouldn't know:  I love Food!! 

Best thing about Souths: Family, Longevity, Winning, just being in the Black and White!


Name: Mike McGrath

AKA: Gamz

Position: Wing Back/ Forward

County: Limerick

Irish Club: Oola GAA

Favourite Player: John Galvin

Most people wouldn't know:  Secret Millionaire & Adrenalin Junkie.

Best thing about Souths: Craic, Meeting Irish abroad, Social Events.


Name: Nikki Newman

AKA: Nik, Newman

Position: Left Half Back

County: Queensland, Australia

Irish Club: Confey, Co Kildare

Favourite Player: Sean Cavanagh

Most people wouldn't know:  Started playing for Souths in 2002 when I was 18.

Best thing about Souths: Nice People, great football.


Name: Norma Keane

AKA: Hurley

Position: Forward, former Wing Back

County: Cork

Irish Club: Mungret St Pauls, Co Limerick

Favourite Player: B.O.D

Most people wouldn't know:  I'm really shy.

Best thing about Souths: Great Banter and Very Welcoming.


Name: Padraig Finn

AKA: Podge or Fred Astaire

Position: Backs

County: Meath

Irish Club: Donaghmore Ashbourne

Favourite Player: Mick Lyons

Most people wouldn't know:  I’m high maintenance.

Best thing about Souths: Home away from Home.


Name: Pauline Hynes

AKA: Wow

Position: Back (Forward wannabe)

County: Up the Banner!!!!!          

Irish Club: The Hydro Hotel

Favourite Player: Packie Bonner

Most people wouldn't know:  I am very religious and fond of reading.

Best thing about Souths: The mental sessions.


Name: Robert Tormey

AKA: Robbie, Ron Jermey

Position: Wing Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Naul

Favourite Player: The Inspiration; Gerry McGrath.

Most people wouldn't know:  I have a big toolkit.

Best thing about Souths: I like it when we go on road trips as Git buys me Ice Cream sometimes!!

Ronan McAnarney

Name: Ronan McAnarney


Position: Midfield/ Wing Forward

County: Meath

Irish Club: Clann Na Gael

Favourite Player: Micky Linden

Best thing about Souths: The Craic.


Name: Sarah O'Dwyer-Mazur

County: Brisbane

Irish Club: Souths

Favourite Player: Conor McManus. 

Best thing about Souths: The craic that is had whilst playing football.


Name: Sean O'Sullivan

AKA: Shoebox

Position: Anywhere

County: Kerry

Irish Club: Firies

Favourite Player: Seamus Moynihan

Most people wouldn't know:  Why im called shoebox??

Best thing about Souths: They are able to drink.


Name: Sharron Ennis

Position: Forward

County: Meath

Irish Club: St Vincent’s Ardcath

Favourite Player: Trevor Giles

Best thing about Souths: Great bunch of girls, very welcoming and a great way to meet new people.


Name: Simon Dunne

Position: Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Favourite Player: James McCarthy

Best thing about Souths: The craic with the group, they always go for a pint after the game.


Name: Stephen Tormey

Position: Forward

County: Dublin

Irish Club: Clann Mhuire Naul

Favourite Player: Stephen Cluxton

Most people wouldn't know:  I'm very shy and I like to kick the ball low.

Best thing about Souths: The lads in the showers.


Name: Tom Melvin

AKA: There's being a lot, Mad-dog has being the hardest ta shake off!!

Position: Fullback/Midfield 

County: Mayo

Irish Club: Eastern Gaels 

Favourite Player: Sean Cavanagh

Most people wouldn't know:  For years I was on telly after the late news on a program called 'A Prayer at Bedtime' ( now known as An Evening Prayer). It showed me coming into the kitchen on roller blades. I also had a few appearances on the Angelus, where it showed me blessing me self before I went ta sleep.  Please note I was only 5 or 6 at the time. 

Best thing about Souths: Grand friendly easygoing bunch, very welcoming to newcomers. 

Name: Tom Rea

AKA: Scottish

Position: Corner Back

County: Scotland

Favourite Player: Ha Ha, I don’t know any!!

Most people wouldn't know:   I never played football before. (We all realised this Tom when you picked the ball straight off the ground 6 times in one game!!)

Best thing about Souths: Good bunch of lads.

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